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Happy World Nature Conservation Day

Observed on July 28, World Nature Conservation Day acknowledges that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable society. We’re challenged to take care of our planet and to consider the resources available so we can protect them for future generations.

Saving plants and animals threatened with extinction along with our environment and its resources is one of the primary focuses of World Nature Conservation Day, but the day also encourages us to understand the difference between conservation and preservation.

While both are extremely similar in what they accomplish, they each have a different approach.

For starters, conservation is more about humanity – this concept seeks to promote the sustainable use of nature by humans to serve our purposes. Preservation on the other hand, is a means to protect nature from human use.

While both are extremely important, we’re going to focus on the good practices based in conservation.

Here are a few quotes to bring the idea to life and hopefully, enlighten you throughout the day.





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