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Lower Winter Waste with These Three Tips

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

The winter season is known for increased waste production due to the holiday season and harsh cold weather, but together we can minimize the waste we contribute to the equation. Year-round recycling and taking advantage of reusable containers should be continued during the winter, but there are plenty of winter specific sustainable initiatives that can be done to help you continue reducing the waste being produced.

Tip 1

For starters, begin implementing energy efficiency at home. This means lowering the heat during time periods when you will not be actively enjoying the warmer air, such as when leaving your residence. You can also stay warm by using drapes, insulation mechanisms, and by dressing warmer.

Tip 2

Another way you can be sustainable during the winter is by using water wisely. A long hot shower may seem ideal after a day in the cold, but wasting water is not ideal regardless of the weather. It is worth noting that lengthy showers have an increased chance of drying out your skin and can make certain skin conditions worse.

Tip 3

Lastly, always consider food waste. You can preserve food by freezing leftovers and using food scraps in other dishes you make throughout the remainder of the month. This will help you save money and express your creativity in the kitchen.

As you use the tips above, and incorporate your own, you’ll save money, enjoy healthier skin, and tap into your culinary creativity. By doing so, you’ll also help to minimize waste in the environment while taking good care of yourself at the same time.

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