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Sustainability in Action: Employees Making a Difference

Photo by Greg Bakker on Unsplash

Building a culture based on sustainability is important for all organizations and adds priceless value. This culture begins inside, between leaders and team members through communication, opportunity, and cooperation. Becoming inspired by everyone who plays a role in the organization’s success is also integral in the curation of a sustainable culture.

ALPLA is a global corporation that has encouraged employees to take the initiative to adopt sustainability practices. One example of many who have answered the call at ALPLA is Kristine. Inspired by “Earth Stewards,” she was an early supporter of sustainability campaigns when she first onboarded. By spearheading a program that provides team members with the ability to recycle their waste, Kristine and other stellar employees have sparked greater environmental stewardship within the organization.

“Recycling is an opportunity to participate in something greater than yourself and aligns with the identity of an organization,” Kristine said. “Organizations, corporations, and communities all have a responsibility to balance environmental impact and to educate and inspire their members to engage in sustainable practices both at work and home.”

Take Kristine’s advice and apply it towards the communities you are a part of! If you are unsure of where to start, do not be afraid of outsourcing to others who see the benefits. With this approach, anyone can be a leader who capitalizes on the opportunity of bettering their environment.

“Do not give up! Be resilient in your efforts to solidify the right partners from the community, utilize every resource and be diligent in finding a reputable organization that disposes of recyclables responsibly,” Kristine said.

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