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Five Simple Practices for No Waste November

The Fall season is among us and what better way to start it off than with No Waste November!? No Waste November is a month-long commitment to empowering and encouraging individuals to tackle a waste issue in their community. This concept is curated to help communities create a positive local impact that reflects the global need for all of us to be more conscious about the waste surrounding us.

It is estimated that each year 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste is generated globally. This translates to 3,825 tons of waste being produced by the minute across the world. Some causes of the increased waste amounts include overproduction, overconsumption, improper disposal of recyclables, and more.

So now that we are aware of how wasteful we can collectively be, let’s discuss some simple practices that can be part of No Waste November. These practices can be implemented by anyone, ultimately increasing environmental consciousness and eco-friendly habits.

Recycle All Clean Recyclables

Recycling is one important step towards maintaining a circular economy. Items such as plastic containers, papers, aluminum products, glass, and many other materials can be cleaned and recycled to avoid becoming waste.

Use Reusable Containers for On-The-Go Occasions

Using reusable water bottles, food trays, and bags can help you cut down on waste. Instead of using disposable containers, choose reusable ones that can be washed in between uses!

Buy Second-Hand Items and Donate Gently Used Items

Help minimize overproduction by shopping for secondhand items such as clothes, shoes, cars, and even homes. You may even be able to purchase items of high quality at a lower price. Maintain the circular economy by donating your items once you no longer find use for them.

Grocery Shop at Local Farmers Markets

Support local farmers and reduce packaging by shopping for groceries at a farmers’ market near you. Enjoy fresher ingredients as you cut down on the waste of food containers and support your community members.

Opt-In For Digital Communications

Paper mail was once the only method of communication, but with the introduction of technology we now have options! Consider going digital to reduce paper waste and minimize transportation resources being used as well.

These five simple changes can help you live a more sustainable life and be more eco-friendly. The habits you develop during No Waste November don’t have to last for only a month but can be carried through an entire lifetime!

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