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Becoming Sustainable Santa

Photo by Mario Amaral on Unsplash

The highly anticipated holiday season is quickly approaching. With family and friends in mind, many of us will rush to the store to purchase gifts and treats for our loved ones. Some of us may even make personalized gifts to share with those we love, but regardless of our chosen gifts, we should keep sustainability at the forefront this holiday season.

On average, US citizens create 25% more waste during the holiday period than any other time of the year. This includes packaging waste from items such as toys, electronics, and fast fashion along with wrapping paper, gift bags, and other decorative items. Food waste and holiday travel contribute to the waste we see during the holiday season so being conscious about both actions can have a big impact.

However, preserving earth’s resources, doesn’t have to change the tradition of gift giving if that’s your thing! Reducing waste while showing your love for others, in fact, can help creativity shine through us all as we become Sustainable Santa’s!

To be a “Sustainable Santa”, consider gifting reusable items rather than disposable ones when possible, such as cute mugs or heated blankets. Gently used second-hand items, particularly clothes, can also be given to those you love and may be found at a discounted price, helping you save some money.

Once you’ve found the perfect gift, sustainable wrapping paper alternatives must also be used to further cut down holiday waste. Some examples include newspaper, eco-friendly wrapping paper, and carboard boxes – all of which can be recycled afterwards.

These tips alone can help to combat the rising rate of waste during the holiday season. As we focus on the love and gifts surrounding this season, let’s celebrate sustainably with those we care about.

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